Truck Stolen With Kerosene Recovered Intact

The semi-trailer tanker, a blue Mercedes Benz with registration number UAU 402E, was intercepted at Bukoyo Village along the Iganga-Jinja highway. PHOTO/X

Jinja City, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | In a swift and coordinated operation, security agencies successfully recovered a stolen semi-trailer tanker truck loaded with kerosene that had been hijacked by a group of armed thugs a few days ago. The incident had occurred at Bukoyo Village along the Iganga-Jinja highway when five armed assailants intercepted the truck, a blue Mercedes Benz with registration number UAU 402E, and made off with its cargo.

The daring robbery took place on the night of October 21, 2023, at approximately 9 pm. The truck was carrying a substantial load of 34 tonnes of kerosene destined for Kampala Prompet Energies Ltd, having originated in Kenya.

Fortunately, the operation conducted by territorial police from the Kiira region led to the recovery of the stolen truck in Jinja City. Miraculously, the entire cargo of kerosene was found untouched, despite the criminal act.

The scene of the recovery was meticulously documented, and both the trailer and its cargo were subsequently handed over to the management of Prompet Energies Ltd. The driver of the trailer, Abdul Nuru, a Somali national residing in Kisumu, Kenya, was subjected to a harrowing experience during the robbery. He was attacked, forcibly removed from the vehicle, bound hand and foot, and then confined in the trunk of a Toyota Wish vehicle with unidentified license plates. Fortunately, Mr. Nuru was later discovered in Kakira sugar plantation, provided with essential first aid, and his statement was recorded at the Iganga police station.

Efforts are now underway to identify, track down, and apprehend the suspects who managed to flee the scene of the crime. The incident underscores the vulnerability of goods in transit, especially commodities like fuel, which continue to be targeted, often under the cover of darkness. It is a stark reminder of the need for heightened vigilance and strengthened security measures. It’s worth noting that the criminals attempted to tamper with the cargo seal but were unsuccessful.

The police response teams from the Kiira region, Busoga East, Jinja City, and Iganga are commended for their rapid response and effective coordination, which resulted in the successful recovery of the stolen truck and its valuable cargo.

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