Turkana County to Pay Uganda’s Compensation Demand in Response to 2022 Killings

Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai. PHOTO/FILE

Turkana County is prepared to fulfill the compensation requirement set by Ugandan authorities in response to the 2022 killings of five Ugandans, according to Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai. This demand is part of the conditions outlined in an Executive Order by President Yoweri Museveni, which includes the release of jailed Turkana herders in Uganda and the lifting of a grazing ban for Turkana pastoralists in the country.

Governor Lomorukai stated that the county is actively seeking resources to acquire livestock for the “blood settlement,” a traditional resolution method for the conflict that arose from the murder of three geologists and two UPDF soldiers in Karamoja in March 2022 by unknown individuals. Uganda authorities had subsequently arrested and court-martialed several Turkana herders, leading to their imprisonment.

President Museveni has requested compensation for the slain Ugandans, and Turkana County is working to secure the necessary resources to purchase cattle for this purpose. Governor Lomorukai emphasized the importance of Turkana County’s involvement in resolving the conflict with Uganda, urging cooperation between the Turkana County leadership, the County Government, and representatives of the National Government.

The governor also mentioned that President William Ruto had been engaged in efforts to secure the release of jailed Turkana herders, with talks ongoing between the two governments. He revealed that some of the 42 herders imprisoned in Uganda, found to be juveniles, would soon be released.

Speaker Christopher Nakuleu noted that ongoing discussions between the Kenyan and Ugandan governments were initiated following an appeal by Turkana leaders to President Ruto. He expressed optimism that the issue would be resolved, enabling pastoralists to return to Uganda for grazing.

Nakuleu further emphasized the unity among leaders aligned with the ruling UDA party in supporting Governor Lomorukai’s efforts and encouraged residents to back the unity agenda. The Governor’s visit to Urum on Monday was attended by his wife, Lillian Ekamais, senior County Government officials, and others.

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