U.S. Space Force Suspends AI Programs Over Data Security Worries

The U.S. Space Force has temporarily halted its use of web-based artificial intelligence (AI) programs, including ChatGPT, amid concerns over the potential collection of personal data. These programs, which are often offered for free, gather small amounts of personal information from users’ computers and sell them to information databases and other companies.

In a memo issued to Space Force workers, referred to as Guardians, the agency announced the formation of a generative AI task force in collaboration with other Pentagon offices. The purpose of this task force is to explore responsible and strategic ways to integrate AI technology into the Space Force’s operations.

Air Force spokesperson Tanya Downsworth emphasized that the pause in the use of AI and large language models is a temporary measure intended to protect the data of service members and Guardians. The Space Force is determined to ensure the security of sensitive military information.

As the U.S. Air Force and Space Force navigate these security concerns, it is important to pray for Secretary Frank Kendall, who oversees both forces. Prayers for wisdom for Space Force officials in their efforts to safeguard sensitive military information are also crucial.

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