Ugandan Healthcare Professionals in the UK Launch Network to Strengthen Health Systems

Ugandan Healthcare Professionals in the UK Launch Network to Strengthen Health Systems

During the weekend, Ugandan healthcare professionals based in the UK gathered to inaugurate their network at the Uganda High Commission in London. This joyful occasion provided members with the opportunity to engage with one another, showcase their past, ongoing, and potential projects and collaborations, and put forth ideas for reinforcing resilient health systems.

The Uganda Diaspora Allied Health Professionals (UK) is an emerging and influential organization committed to nurturing connections, cultivating collaborative efforts, advancing training, and promoting excellence among Ugandan professionals in the allied health sector working abroad.

David Marsden, the National AHP International Recruitment Lead at NHS England, extended his congratulations to the members and praised their valuable contributions to various aspects of Uganda’s healthcare sector. He underscored the crucial support that Diaspora health groups provide to health systems and pledged ongoing cooperation and partnerships between NHS England and the Ministry of Health in Uganda, with the shared aim of realizing global health goals.

Dr. Solomon, Head of programs at the Uganda UK Health Alliance, offered valuable insights into how the extended roles of Diaspora allied health professionals in the UK could align with the health system strengthening priorities of the Ministry of Health in Uganda. He recognized the pivotal role played by allied health professionals in delivering healthcare services in Uganda and urged the Diaspora to assist government initiatives in bolstering the health sector.

Moses Mulimira, the Diaspora Lead person at the Uganda UK Health Alliance, stressed that harnessing the expertise of the medical Diaspora could significantly contribute to building robust health systems. He also highlighted the growing recognition among policymakers of the vital role that health Diaspora can play in enhancing their home country’s healthcare workforce capacity. Notably, he mentioned that the UK National Health Service has introduced a Diaspora-specific fellowship program being piloted in Uganda in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. He emphasized the importance of unity and patriotism within the Ugandan Diaspora community, urging members to avoid divisive behavior and conflicts.

The launch event also saw the presence of Herbert Mwebe, a representative from the Uganda Diaspora Nurses & Midwives Association UK, and Dr. Kamatamu Amanda Mbonye, who represented the British Ugandan Doctors Association, among other attendees.


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