Ugandan Religious Leaders Visit Oil and Gas Projects

A group of senior religious leaders is currently touring the Albertine region to observe various Oil and Gas projects. This tour is being organized and hosted by the Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC) and includes members from the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU).

The journey began with a formal flag-off event in Kampala, held at the IRCU headquarters and presided over by Mufti Sheik Shaban Mubaje and Peter Lokeris, the Minister of State for Mineral Development.

Their first stop on the expedition was the Uganda Petroleum Institute of Kigumba (UPIK), a facility that trains skilled technicians for the oil and gas sector. During their visit to UPIK, the religious leaders had the opportunity to interact with students and staff.

Collins Mwesiga, a former UPIK student, shared an inspiring success story. He initially worked as a cleaner at UPIK but seized the opportunity to acquire knowledge and training during his cleaning duties. Recognizing his potential, the institute supported him in obtaining multiple certifications. Today, Mwesiga serves as a workshop technician, highlighting the transformative power of education and opportunity within Uganda’s oil and gas sector.

Peter Muliisa, UNOC’s Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer, expressed gratitude for the collaboration between UNOC and IRCU. He emphasized their commitment to sustainable practices and inclusive information dissemination for the benefit of the nation. Muliisa also underscored the crucial role of IRCU in sharing essential information about these significant projects with the wider population.

UNOC, a government-owned limited liability company, plays a central role in managing Uganda’s commercial interests in the petroleum sector and ensuring sustainable resource utilization.

Uganda’s journey in the oil and gas sector began with the discovery of commercially viable oil deposits in the Albertine Graben in 2006. Several oil projects are located in various districts, including Hoima, Kikuube, Nwoya, and Buliisa. Currently, nine Production Licences (PLs) have been awarded over fourteen fields in the Albertine Graben, including Ngiri, Jobi-Rii, Gunya, Kasamene-Wahrindi, Kigogole-Nsoga, and Kingfisher.

In addition to these oil fields, Uganda has embarked on the East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project (EACOP). This pipeline will transport oil from Lake Albert oilfields to the port of Tanga in Tanzania for export to world markets, covering a distance of 1,443km, with 80% of the pipeline located in Tanzania.


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