UK injects USD49m in environment conservation in Africa

The United Kingdom (UK) has announced USD49 million in investments across Africa during the inaugural ceremony of the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi on Monday.

This has been revealed by the Minister for Development and Africa Andrew Mitchell saying it’s targeted at supporting initiatives and projects aimed at promoting environment conservation and helping people cope with effects of climate change across the continent.

The funding will play a key role in creating jobs, expanding economies and improving lives of women, farmers and communities that have been affected by the global climate crisis.

African heads of state are gathering in Kenya for the Africa Climate Summit, where they will discuss the continent’s approach to climate change.

The three days meeting in Nairobi is the first of its kind in Africa. It aims to come up with a common plan to present to other world leaders at the COP 28 United Nations climate summit later this year.

Kenyan President William Ruto’s government and the African Union launched the meeting on Monday in Nairobi, determined to wield more global influence and bring in far more financing and support.

More than $83bn in climate financing was given to poorer countries in 2020, a 4 percent increase from the previous year but still short of the $100bn annual goal set in 2009.

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