UNMA Warns of Heavy Rainfall Throughout Uganda in November 2023

The Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) has issued a warning that, throughout November, the entire country is anticipated to experience intensified rainfall. The sole exception to this projection is the Karamoja subregion, where more moderate precipitation conditions are expected.

UNMA’s assessment, which takes into account the climate outlook for November 2023 and a review of rainfall patterns in October of the same year, indicates that amplified rainfall conditions are likely in the majority of northwestern, central, and eastern regions of Uganda.

The November forecast suggests that the month will be characterized by wet weather, and it is expected to feature the highest level of rainfall across the country. Particularly, elevated probabilities for increased rainfall are foreseen in areas surrounding Lake Victoria, Central Uganda, South Western regions, Mt. Elgon, and the Kyoga basin, extending into West Nile.

Lillian Nkwenge, the principal public relations officer at the Authority, elaborated on the situation, stating, “November is typically the peak of the rainy season, and as our update suggests, most parts of the country will experience intensified rainfall, meaning that this rainfall will exceed normal levels, while other regions will receive more moderate precipitation.”

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