UPDF Contingent Commander Emphasizes Discipline for Peacekeeping Mission

Colonel Michael Walaka Hyeroba, the Contingent Commander of Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) serving within the East African Community Regional Force, has issued a directive to Battalion Commanders and Staff Officers. The directive aims to bolster and closely monitor the discipline of troops during routine activities, particularly when engaging with civilian communities. This measure is essential to safeguard the mission’s efforts effectively.

Addressing the Uganda Contingent during a baraza, as part of the ongoing sensitization efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Col Hyeroba stressed the importance of adhering to the Code of Conduct and maintaining strict discipline for EACRF peacekeepers.

Col Hyeroba urged the Battalion Commanders and Staff Officers to educate and caution their subordinates against any operational malpractices that could potentially undermine the force’s mandate. He emphasized, “We must ensure our discipline remains unwavering to avoid any violation of humanity in the execution of the EACRF mission.”

Additionally, Col Hyeroba reminded the troops that unwavering adherence to the UPDF and EACRF Code of Conduct would play a pivotal role in promoting peace and stability in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. He issued a stern warning that any Officer or soldier found in violation of the code of conduct would face severe punishment in accordance with the applicable laws.

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