Uthuman Wins Hoima District LC5 Chairperson By-Election

Hoima, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | In a closely watched by-election for the District Chairperson position in Hoima, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate, Mugisha Uthuman Mubaraka, emerged as the victor. The Returning Officer, Kasande Merab, officially announced the results today at Dwoli Primary School Playground.

Despite the challenges posed by heavy downpours that lasted for hours, causing concerns among voters and threatening to deter voter turnout, the by-election ultimately proceeded successfully. Despite the adverse weather conditions, voters persevered, demonstrating their commitment to participating in the democratic process and casting their ballots to choose their new District Chairperson. The resilience of the electorate and the dedication of election officials ensured that the election was carried out as planned.

The by-election, conducted in accordance with the Local Governments Act, Cap 243 (As amended), saw several candidates vying for the coveted position. The results, as declared by the Returning Officer, are as follows:

  • Mugisha Uthuman Mubaraka (NRM) – 18,353 votes
  • Aguuda Moses (NUP) – 3,972 votes
  • Muhumuza Vincent Savana (Independent) – 12,020 votes
  • Musinguzi Patrick (FDC) – 271 votes
  • Independent Candidates – 179 votes
  • Rejected (Invalid) Ballot Papers – 724
  • Spoilt Ballot Papers – 56
  • Total Valid Votes Cast – 34,795
  • Total Ballot Papers Counted – 35,519

Mugisha Uthuman Mubaraka, representing the NRM, secured a decisive victory with 18,353 votes, surpassing his closest rival, Muhumuza Vincent Savana and Aguuda Moses of the National Unity Platform (NUP), by a significant margin.

The by-election, which took place following a vacancy in the Hoima District Chairperson’s office, drew significant attention from political observers and residents of the district. The contest was marked by spirited campaigns, with candidates and their supporters making efforts to garner the support of the electorate

The announcement of Mugisha Uthuman Mubaraka’s victory was met with celebrations by NRM supporters, who had been eagerly awaiting the outcome of the election. The new District Chairperson will be tasked with leading and representing the district, addressing local issues, and working towards the development and progress of Hoima.

As the newly elected District Chairperson, Mugisha Uthuman Mubaraka expressed his gratitude to the electorate and promised to prioritize the needs and concerns of the people of Hoima. He pledged to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to bring positive change to the district.

The election results have been certified by the Returning Officer, Kasande Merab, and have been widely accepted by the candidates and their respective parties. The outcome of the by-election signifies a significant political development in Hoima District and sets the stage for Mugisha Uthuman Mubaraka’s leadership in the region.

The people of Hoima are now looking forward to seeing the implementation of the newly elected District Chairperson’s plans and policies aimed at improving the quality of life in the district.

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