Virtual Card Enabled MTN Pay Phones Easing Communication in Ugandan Schools

A student uses the MTN Payphone to make a call. PHOTO/COURTESY

Uganda has witnessed a surge in mobile phone adoption and usage, a trend common in many African countries. However, this widespread mobile phone usage doesn’t address a specific gap, particularly in environments like schools where owning a mobile phone may be restricted.

To bridge this divide and provide the benefits of modern connectivity to all, MTN Uganda has introduced a new initiative involving modern payphones. These payphones, strategically located in areas with limited mobile phone penetration, operate using digital vouchers or virtual cards instead of physical cards and cash.

The rollout of these payphones initially began with schools, and there are plans to expand their installation to various public places, including factories, hospitals, highways, and remote areas. This initiative aims to facilitate communication and connection, allowing people to stay in touch with their loved ones and access emergency services.

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