Wakiso: 9-Year-Old Girl Assaulted and Killed

Police and Authorities in Wakiso District, central Uganda, are currently investigating a distressing incident involving the alleged rape, murder, and subsequent dumping of a nine-year-old girl in a trench near her residence in Nabweru North, Nansana Municipality.

The victim has been identified as Angel Nangonzi. According to a spokesperson from the Kampala Metropolitan police, on Sunday evening, residents of Nabweru observed an unknown man interacting with Ms. Jane Nassozi, Nangonzi’s mother, before departing with the child.

Pretending to be a charcoal supplier, the suspect took advantage of the fact that the victim’s mother operated a charcoal kiosk. He then approached Nangonzi and asked her to accompany him to collect her mother’s ordered items. Tragically, the young girl did not return home, and her lifeless body was discovered by neighbors in a trench the following day.

Ms. Tracy Nakibuye, Nangonzi’s aunt, reported her disappearance at Nabweru police around 8 pm on Sunday. Desperate to find her, they searched throughout the night and the following morning until they tragically found her body around noon.

Another resident, Ms. Aidah Nansubuga, revealed that her daughter managed to escape from a similar assailant who attempted to lure her into a trap. The suspect, a tall and slim man who was unfamiliar to the area, was seen by several people, but his intentions were not suspected, and he remains unidentified.

Mr. Isaac Keith Ssali, the defense secretary of Nabweru North I, emphasized the need for enhanced security in slum areas, particularly during nighttime, as the safety of children has become a concern.

Upon visiting the crime scene, the police transported the victim’s body to the City Mortuary for post-mortem examination. Mr. Onyango, a police representative, urged parents to remain vigilant and patient while the authorities conduct their investigation to apprehend the perpetrator.

In light of this tragic incident, he emphasized the importance of closely monitoring children and advising them against interacting with strangers. The police are actively engaging in sensitization programs to raise awareness and ensure the community’s safety.

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