WhatsApp Group Mobilizes 11 Million for Road Rehabilitation in Rukungiri

Rukungiri District | The Black Examiner – Through the collective power of a WhatsApp group, the residents of Southern Ward in Kebisoni Town Council have successfully gathered over eleven million shillings to revitalize a 4-kilometer road that links two adjoining cells.

These cells, namely Mutojo and Kakibaya A, are both situated within the southern ward of Kebisoni Town Council in Rukungiri District. Remarkably, individuals residing in these areas, particularly those in Kampala led by the group’s administrator, Mrs. Mai Kashagire, jointly contributed UGX 11,500,000. This fund was earmarked for fuel costs, essential to support the grader’s operation during the road’s enhancement process.

In a ceremonial launch of the road rehabilitation project, Mathius Rwabugumi, the Minister of Health in Rukungiri District Council and concurrently the Nyarushanje LCV Councilor, expressed his admiration for the community’s dedication and commitment to their locality. Mathius Rwabugumi, who played a pivotal role in advocating for the acquisition of the grader machine, affirmed that embracing the principle of “Burungi bwansi” (self-help) is imperative for the comprehensive advancement of roads throughout Rukungiri District.


Furthermore, Rwabugumi encouraged residents from various neighborhoods to emulate this commendable approach of self-mobilization for community development. He underscored the importance of ongoing road maintenance and assured the residents that the government would consider incorporating it into the town council’s work plan.

Overjoyed and appreciative, the residents, led by Mr. Magidu, expressed their gratitude towards Mrs. Mai Kashagire and Mr. Mathius Rwabugumi. They recognized their concerted efforts in facilitating the rehabilitation of the road, highlighting how the road’s dilapidated state had adversely affected their business activities. The improved road condition not only promises to reinvigorate their enterprises but also hints at smoother transportation of their agricultural produce to markets.

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Mr. Kwebangira David, the Kebisoni Town Council LCV District Councilor, urged residents to capitalize on the road’s enhancement to drive economic growth and prosperity in their region.


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