Why Vacant Political Positions Have Remained Unfilled in Kisoro District?

Kisoro district Returning officer, Nayebare Daniel . PHOTO/COURTESY

Kisoro District | The Black Examiner – Nayebare Daniel, the Returning Officer of Kisoro district, is urging responsible parties to consistently inform the electoral commission (EC) about any vacant electoral positions. This proactive approach allows the EC to organize elections to fill the vacancies promptly.

Nayebare explains that electoral positions can become vacant due to reasons such as resignation, death, or individuals taking jobs in other government departments.

Regrettably, a number of 2021 political positions in Kisoro district remain vacant due to these same reasons, creating a gap in service delivery. This includes positions like the Cyanika and Chahi sub county LCV woman councillor seat, Chahi sub county LC3 chairmanship seat, LCV woman councillor representing southern division, councillors representing the elderly and people with disabilities in the northern division of Kisoro Municipality, among others.


Nayebare Daniel shared that his office has received notification about only three vacant positions in Kisoro municipality.

He emphasizes that failure to declare vacant positions for refilling is problematic, as it can lead to the government paying an individual two salaries. While he doesn’t specify a precise by-election date for replacements, he highlights the current limitation of resources in the country.

The Ugandan constitution doesn’t specify a particular timeframe for refilling political positions after they become vacant. Nayebare notes that the electoral commission doesn’t initiate investigations to identify vacant positions; rather, legal processes are triggered by petitions.

Rumors have circulated that Hashakimana Robert, the duly elected LC3 Chairperson for Chahi Sub County, receives two government salaries since his appointment as a secondary school teacher in 2022. His position as LC3 Chairperson hasn’t been officially declared vacant. His former vice, Wenger Nsabimana Richard, has taken over as an acting LC3 Chairperson.

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Hashakimana clarifies that he only receives a single monthly salary as a teacher because he handed over his LC3 office responsibilities to his Vice. He confirms submitting copies of his resignations to the sub county chief and district leaders.

Hashakimana commends his successor for the developments made during his tenure as acting LC3 Chairman since February of the previous year.

Efforts to engage the chief administrative officer have been unsuccessful, as he consistently forwards appointments with journalists seeking clarification about why certain vacant positions haven’t been reported to the EC.


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