Debate Brews in Uganda Over Universal Service Awards

Mathias Mpuuga addressing journalists. PHOTO/COURTESY


  • A debate in Uganda has erupted over whether all citizens should receive service awards for their contributions to national development. Advocates argue for inclusivity, while critics emphasize the importance of reserving awards for exceptional service.

KAMPALA, (Examiner) – Controversy swirls in Uganda over whether all citizens should be bestowed service awards for their contributions to national development.

Advocates argue that every Ugandan, regardless of profession or status, merits recognition for their role in the nation’s progress. Betty Aol Ochan, a prominent supporter, asserts, “We all contribute to the country’s growth.”

However, dissenters contend that such awards should be reserved for those who surpass expectations. Critics fear widespread distribution would diminish their value.

Political analyst D. Mwambutsya Ndebesa advocates for maintaining the integrity of these accolades, emphasizing the need for exceptional service.

Amidst the debate, suggestions for alternative forms of recognition, like national appreciation days or community service programs, have emerged.

This proposal has ignited discussions nationwide about the purpose and significance of service awards. While some view it as a morale booster and civic engagement tool, others see it as wasteful and undermining.

What’s your stance? Should all Ugandans receive service awards, or should they be reserved for exceptional contributions?

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