Grassroots women decry access to information on just transition to renewable energy

Women decry access to information on just transition to renewable energy


  • Grassroots women are demanding better access to information for a just transition to renewable energy. They oppose fossil fuel financing, citing the negative impact on their lives and environment.

Fossil fuels wreak havoc on climate and its infrastructure is directly linked to violence against grassroots women yet most women lack access to timely information to guide them make informed decisions on the same. The grassroots women are saying no to fossil fuels financing. The women’s daily struggles against toxic fossil fuels are not limited to loss of land, homes, water, food, forests, pollution, gross human rights violations and increasing security threats and many more.

During several community engagements in the oil and gas region women have showcased important solutions to end this crisis and all they are saying is no to fossil fuels financing to save their livelihoods, their wellbeing, fight climate change and end poverty to save the planet. Financial flows should focus on decarbonizing the planet with shift to renewable energy projects since there is no planet B, this can be achieved through a just and equitable energy transition.

Women leaders at all levels must focus on disseminating the right information through there platforms to ensure there is a shift in energy investment from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Also energy barriers must be broken and ideas put in action and ensure increased access to information on sustainable energy for grassroots women.

ShifurahNamanya, Head of Programmes at Women on Environment Mission (WEM) Uganda.

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