Masindi District FDC suspends 13 members for burning Amuriat posters

Masindi District FDC suspends 13 members for burning Amuriat posters
Patrick Amuriat Oboi. PHOTO/FILE


  • The Masindi District FDC has suspended 13 members for burning campaign posters, including those of their 2021 presidential candidate. The action was taken due to a breach of party values. Some members claim they burned the posters in protest against alleged corruption involving the candidate.

The executive committee of the Masindi District Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has taken action against 13 party members for their involvement in burning campaign posters, including those belonging to their 2021 presidential candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat. Led by Masindi District FDC chairperson Fredrick Banage Bitaamale, the committee has suspended these members citing a breach of party values and Article 5 of the FDC constitution.

Bitaamale stated, “Any actions contrary to the party’s interests warrant disciplinary measures, including excommunication. They are no longer members of our party.” He emphasized that the burning of their candidate’s posters is intolerable, leading to their suspension to uphold party values and discipline.

The individuals implicated in the poster burning incident are allegedly linked to Dr. Kizza Besigye and other party members supporting the Katonga faction, according to Bitaamale. He clarified that their actions do not reflect the official stance of the party.

Former Masindi District FDC General Secretary Augustus Bigirwenkya defended the poster burning as a protest against alleged corruption involving Amuriat. Bigirwenkya claimed that Amuriat may have received funds from President Museveni, which goes against FDC principles. He asserted that their allegiance now lies with the Katonga FDC faction, citing a decision made during a March 6 planning meeting in Masindi to remove pictures of candidates from the Najjanankumbi faction.

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