Museveni calls CEC meeting on Muhoozi’s PLU

A photo montage of President Yoweri Museveni (right) and his son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba (left).


  • The NRM in Uganda faces internal tensions ahead of a crucial CEC meeting due to the emergence of the PLU led by General Muhoozi, President Museveni’s son. General Muhoozi’s hinted presidential ambitions add complexity, dividing party members.

The upcoming meeting of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of Uganda’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) presents a critical juncture for the party. Tensions have surged within the NRM due to the emergence of the “Patriotic League of Uganda” (PLU), spearheaded by General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, son of President Museveni.


The PLU’s formation has sparked internal debates and raised concerns among NRM members regarding its implications. Captain Mike Mukula, a CEC member suspected of supporting the PLU, is slated for questioning during the meeting. The PLU is perceived by some as a direct challenge to the NRM’s authority and potentially to President Museveni’s leadership.

General Muhoozi’s hinted presidential ambitions add another layer of complexity, dividing NRM members between supporting the son and the current leader, his father. Despite claims by the PLU that its focus is on civic endeavors, speculation persists regarding its political motives.

Legislator Ssemujju Nganda attributes the internal tensions to a perceived takeover of the party by President Museveni, leaving members uncertain about the future direction of the NRM. As the 2026 elections loom, the party confronts the possibility of fractures within its leadership structure.

The agenda of the upcoming CEC meeting and its potential outcomes remain undisclosed, fueling speculation about General Muhoozi’s political aspirations and the PLU’s objectives. The extent of internal divisions within the NRM and their implications for party unity and future leadership remain uncertain.

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This CEC meeting holds significant significance as the NRM navigates a challenging political landscape. The party’s response to the PLU and its management of internal dissent will be closely monitored, with potential ramifications for the upcoming elections and Uganda’s political stability.

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