Airtel Targets 150,000 Runners for Kabaka Birthday Run

The launch of Kabaka Birthday run for the year 2024. PHOTO/ISMA TUKAMUHABWA


  • The 2024 Kabaka Birthday run, sponsored by Airtel Uganda, aims to attract 150,000 participants to combat HIV/AIDS among youth. Starting with just 1,500 runners, the event has grown substantially. Airtel Uganda is committed to its success, with the run kit available for purchase at 20,000/=.

The 2024 Kabaka Birthday run was officially launched at Bulange Mengo, with Airtel Uganda as the main sponsors aiming to attract a minimum of 150,000 participants to this esteemed Buganda event.

The launch, which took place on February 27th, 2024 at Bulange, precedes the scheduled run on April 7th, 2024, themed around combating HIV/AIDS among the youth.

Initially drawing fewer than 1,500 participants, the run has steadily increased in popularity, culminating in an impressive 100,000 runners last year.

Airtel Uganda, recognizing the event’s growth, is determined to further its impact, as stated by their Public Relations Officer, David Birungi, during the launch. He expressed Airtel’s appreciation for being part of the initiative for 11 years and announced a new target of 150,000 participants for the 2024 marathon.

Birungi emphasized the importance of this year’s theme, urging everyone to take note and engage in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Following the launch, the Kabaka Birthday run kit is immediately available for purchase at a fixed price of 20,000/=, marking the commencement of preparations for the upcoming event.

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