Breaking News: Hakim Ziyech Finalizes Deal with Al Nassr

After weeks of negotiations, Hakim Ziyech, Chelsea FC’s Moroccan midfielder, is set to join Al Nassr in the upcoming Saudi Arabian Pro League season. The signing of Ziyech marks a significant addition to Al Nassr’s already talented squad and sets high expectations for the team’s future success. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the details of the deal, Ziyech’s background, and how his transfer can impact Al Nassr’s upcoming season.

Ziyech is a talented playmaker who started his professional career at Dutch club, Heerenveen. He later signed with Ajax and quickly became one of the team’s most important players. During his three seasons with Ajax, the midfielder led the team to multiple domestic titles and a UEFA Champions League semi-final. His stellar performances with Ajax caught the attention of top European clubs, including Chelsea FC, who eventually signed him in the summer of 2020.

Chelsea and Al Nassr have been in talks for weeks, negotiating the details of a transfer that would see Ziyech join the Saudi Arabian team. Al Nassr reportedly paid a substantial transfer fee to Chelsea, solidifying the deal and marking Ziyech’s exit from the Premier League team. While the specific details of the contract between Ziyech and Al Nassr have yet to be released, sources say that the deal is a multi-year contract, indicating Al Nassr’s long-term commitment to the playmaker.


Ziyech’s transfer to Al Nassr is a significant addition to the team’s already talented roster. Ziyech’s proven ability to create goal-scoring opportunities and control the midfield is expected to bring greater success to Al Nassr in the upcoming season. Al Nassr is keen to win a domestic title and make an impact in the AFC Champions League, and Ziyech’s arrival is a significant step in

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Ziyech’s style of play will fit into Al Nassr’s current playing style perfectly. Al Nassr likes to play an attacking style of football, utilizing the width of the pitch and playing through the middle. Ziyech’s presence in the midfield will allow Al Nassr to increase the pace of their play and create opportunities for their forwards. Ziyech’s vision and precision passing will enable the likes of striker Abderrazak Hamdallah and forward Fabio Martins to score more goals, giving Al Nassr a greater chance of success.

The addition of Hakim Ziyech to Al Nassr is a significant move for both the player and the team. Ziyech’s experience, success, and skill will be fundamental to Al Nassr’s upcoming season and future success. While the Saudi Arabian Pro League is a new challenge for Ziyech, he is no stranger to excelling on unfamiliar territory. The Moroccan midfielder is expected to be a major catalyst in Al Nassr’s hunt for silverware both domestically and in Asia, and fans will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating his debut.

Final contracts checked, deal closed for Hakim Ziyech set to join Al Nassr. It’s all agreed with Chelsea since last week and also on player side.

Contract until June 2026, just matter of medical tests and then official.

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