Paul Pogba Vows to Appeal 4-Year Football Ban

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  • Paul Pogba responds to a four-year doping ban, asserting innocence and expressing disbelief in the verdict. He plans to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The ban, backdated to the date of the failed test, means he cannot play until 2027.

Paul Pogba has issued an official response regarding the four-year ban imposed on him for alleged doping.

The footballer, disputing the decision made by the Tribunale Nazionale Antidoping on February 29, 2024, expressed his dismay and disagreement with the verdict.

Here’s the full statement:

“Upon learning of the decision by the Tribunale Nazionale Antidoping, I firmly believe that the ruling is erroneous. It pains me deeply to see everything I’ve worked for in my professional career stripped away from me.

I maintain my innocence and assert that I have never knowingly consumed any substances that contravene anti-doping regulations. I eagerly await the opportunity to share the complete truth once legal constraints are lifted.

As a dedicated athlete, I vehemently oppose any notion of enhancing performance through banned substances. I have always upheld the values of fairness and integrity in my interactions with fellow athletes and fans, both on and off the field.

In light of today’s decision, I intend to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”

Pogba underwent random testing following Juventus’ inaugural match of the season on August 20. The confirmation of a positive test by Italy’s national anti-doping tribunal (Nado) in October led to the anti-doping prosecutor’s office seeking a four-year suspension.

Juventus confirmed receipt of notification from the anti-doping tribunal on Thursday morning.

Pogba expressed his belief in the incorrectness of the verdict and emphasized his commitment to fair play. He reiterated his intention to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas).

The ruling renders the 2018 World Cup winner ineligible to compete until 2027, when he will be 34 years old, with the ban retroactively applied to the date of the failed test.

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