‘Agenda 47’: What Trump has promised if he wins in 2024

Donald Trump, the former president and leading Republican candidate for the 2024 election, has been vocal about his unconventional vision for America as he aims to regain the presidency. While critics argue that his proposals lack clarity and raise concerns, Trump has outlined his plans in speeches and a series of policy videos called “Agenda 47.”

Creating “Freedom Cities”

One of Trump’s notable proposals is a competition to design up to 10 state-of-the-art “freedom cities” on federal land, roughly the size of Washington. These cities would be innovative hubs, filled with cutting-edge industries and factories, aiming to significantly improve the American standard of living. Trump envisions a future where flying cars, reminiscent of “The Jetsons” cartoon, become a reality for commuters.

Celebrating America’s History

Trump has suggested a year-long celebration called “Salute to America” to honor the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. This festive period, spanning from Memorial Day 2025 to July 4, 2026, would involve nationwide festivities. As part of the celebration, Trump plans to collaborate with all 50 governors, regardless of political affiliation, to establish the Great American State Fair, a unique one-year exhibition featuring pavilions from each state.

Aiming for an American Utopia

Trump aims to launch a comprehensive “beautification campaign” to enhance US cities and create more pleasant streets for ordinary Americans. The former president, whose Las Vegas hotel received unflattering reviews for its architecture, intends to replace unappealing buildings with magnificent classical structures. He also proposes renaming streets after esteemed American patriots and relocating the homeless population to tent cities on inexpensive parcels of land.

Taking on the Drug Problem

Trump plans to designate Mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations and impose the death penalty on drug dealers and human traffickers. Although he previously pardoned multiple drug offenders during his presidency, Trump now faces criticism for the apparent contradiction. In a Fox News interview, he stumbled when confronted with the fact that his policy would have resulted in the execution of a convict he pardoned.

Controversial Pardons

Trump has pledged to issue pardons to a significant number of individuals imprisoned for their involvement in the 2021 assault on the US Capitol. Over 600 of his supporters have been convicted for their roles in the attack, which left 140 police officers injured. Charges range from trespassing to obstructing the government and seditious conspiracy.

“Stop-and-Frisk” and Law Enforcement

Trump advocates for the reinstatement of “stop-and-frisk,” a practice deemed unconstitutional by a federal court in 2013 due to its discriminatory impact on racial minorities. He also proposes deploying the National Guard to restore law and order in liberal cities and vows to investigate prosecutors whom he considers radical and Marxist for their handling of disorderly conduct cases.

Engaging in Culture Wars

Trump has made his stance clear on several divisive “culture war” issues, including abortion, transgender rights, gun control, and the teaching of America’s history of racism. He intends to crack down on doctors providing gender-affirming care to minors and educators who teach critical race theory or introduce what he deems inappropriate political material in schools. Additionally, Trump proposes a tax credit to reimburse teachers for concealed carry firearms and training in response to the escalating number of mass shootings.

Immigration Policies

While Trump’s promise of a grand border wall funded by Mexico has faded, he maintains that a second term would enable him to fully secure the border, putting an end to mass unskilled immigration. During his previous tenure, around 440 miles of fencing were constructed, surpassing any other president’s efforts. Trump also announced plans to issue an executive order in

May to end the longstanding policy of granting citizenship to children born in the US to undocumented parents.

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