Biden Designates Vast Land Near Grand Canyon as National Monument

Washington, D.C. | The Black Examiner President Joe Biden has officially designated nearly 1 million acres of land, equivalent to 404,000 hectares, adjacent to the Grand Canyon as a national monument. The decision, announced on Tuesday, responds to prolonged appeals from Indigenous leaders and environmental advocates who have long championed enhanced environmental safeguards for this region.

The newly established monument, titled the “Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon Monument,” holds paramount importance in safeguarding against uranium mining activities. President Biden’s signature on the proclamation ensures this protection.

Elaborating on the name’s significance, the White House conveyed that “Baaj nwaavjo,” pronounced as “BAAHJ – NUH-WAAHV-JOH” in Havasupai language, translates to “where Indigenous peoples roam.” Similarly, “i’tah kukveni,” pronounced as “EE-TAH – KOOK-VENNY” in the Hopi language, signifies “our ancestral footprints.” This nomenclature encapsulates the deep-rooted relevance of the Grand Canyon area for numerous Tribal Nations, underlining its collective significance.

Stressing the broader implications of this designation, the White House emphasized that this decision marks President Biden’s fifth establishment of a new national monument. It is a gesture of homage to Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities by preserving hallowed ancestral sites alongside historically and scientifically significant attributes. Simultaneously, it ensures the conservation of public lands, protection of wildlife habitats, preservation of clean water sources, and sustenance of local economies.

Speaking at a press conference within the state of Arizona, President Biden conveyed, “Preserving these lands is good not only for Arizona, but for the planet. It’s good for the economy. It’s good for the soul of the nation.” This declaration highlights the broader environmental and cultural resonance of this action, as well as its broader positive implications.


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