Ecuador Arrests 6 Tied to Presidential Candidate Assassination

Ecuador | The Black Examiner – Ecuadorian authorities have apprehended six individuals of Colombian nationality in relation to the assassination of Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio, which occurred on Wednesday. Another individual, also Colombian, succumbed to injuries sustained during a confrontation with law enforcement officers. Villavicencio, renowned for his vocal stance against drug cartels, had previously disclosed receiving threats on his life.

Interior Minister Juan Zapata conveyed, “The national police have now taken into custody the initial suspects believed to be directly involved in this heinous incident. They will deploy all available operational and investigative resources to ascertain the motives behind this crime, as well as to identify those responsible at an intellectual level.”

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso affirmed that the tragic incident would not deter Ecuador’s plans to proceed with the scheduled presidential election on August 20th. Seeking assistance in the investigation into Villavicencio’s shooting, President Lasso has sought the aid of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). A delegation from the FBI is anticipated to arrive in the nation imminently.



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