Israel tells troops they’ll soon see inside of Gaza as Egypt prepares to let in aid

Basemap: ArcGIS Source: Planet Labs, Getty Graphic: Mark Stehle

Nearly half of the 2 million people who live barricaded inside Gaza between Israel and Egypt are under 18, according Palestinian Bureau of Statistics, and most are refugees. There are several major camps across the strip and those in the south will now become even more cramped as Gazans flee a looming Israeli ground invasion.

Movement of people and goods into Gaza have been heavily restricted since 2007, but now the borders have been completely shut, and water, power and aid cut off, though there are hopes some trucks carrying aid waiting at Egypt’s border will get through soon under United Nations supervision.

There are 45 Australians known to be in the Gaza Strip, including children. The federal government says it is working to evacuate them as pressure builds on Egypt to allow not just aid into Gaza but a corridor for people to get out.

Dive into the maps behind the crisis with our explainer reporter Jackson Graham and the Visual Stories Team here.

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