Posan Tobing Files Copyright Complaint Against Former Band Kotak

Posan Tobing Files Copyright Complaint Against Former Band Kotak

Jakarta – Posan Tobing has filed a report with Polda Metro Jaya against his former band, Kotak, alleging copyright infringement on several songs he co-created with them. In response, Kotak argues that they have the right to perform these songs as co-creators, while Posan Tobing’s attorney, Jeris Napitupulu, emphasizes that permission from all creators is required.

Posan Tobing acknowledges that he had a meeting with Kotak members to mediate the ongoing dispute. Although he forgave three of the Kotak members, he believes that the legal process must continue.

“For Tantri, Cella, and Chua, there is no longer any ambiguity. As responsible Indonesian citizens, we have personally communicated, and we have forgiven. However, due to the rule of law in our country, the legal process will proceed,” stated Posan Tobing.

The report against Kotak has been registered under case number LP/B/5290/IX/2023/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA, dated September 6, 2023.

Read the full article on detikhot: “Posan Tobing Does Not Grant Permission for Kotak to Perform Jointly Created Songs”.

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