Kagadi Man Expelled from Village Cooking Group for Allegedly Eating a Snake


Kagadi District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | In Kagadi district’s Mpeefu sub-county, a dramatic situation has unfolded, with a man in his 50s being expelled from a village group for allegedly consuming snake meat.

The individual in question is Mupenzi Ssalongo, a resident of Mpeefu B village in Rwabaranga Parish, Mpeefu sub-county, Kagadi district. Last week, Mupenzi was reportedly caught in the act of eating snake meat, which triggered mixed reactions among the members of the Nyekundire group, to which he belongs. This group provides outdoor catering services in Mpeefu sub-county.

However, during a meeting chaired by Hon. Siragi Ngabirano, the LC 3 chairperson of Mpeefu sub-county, all 78 group members made it clear that they did not wish to associate with someone labeled as a “snake eater.”

Mupenzi refuted the accusations but admitted to killing the snake in an attempt to find herbal medicine for his undernourished child. He explained that a friend had directed him to snake parts as a potential remedy for his son’s medical condition. Despite his plea for forgiveness, the group members rejected his request.

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