Ibuga Health Centre Faces Police Investigation for Irregular Operations

Friday, August 4, 2023

Mr. Zephanous Mubingwa, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner of Kasese in charge of Busongora County, has urged the police to launch an investigation into the absentee staff at Ibuga Health Centre two.

Local community members have reported that the health facility operates irregularly, forcing patients to endure long journeys seeking medical services in other areas.

While supervising government programs in the area, Mr. Mubingwa became aware of the situation and subsequently ordered a thorough police inquiry. He discovered that the facility’s head was negligent, leading to a loss of confidence from the community.

Mr. Mubingwa, a former medic turned politician, stated that he plans to address the matter with the Kasese District Chief Administrative Officer, Ms. Caroline Centenary, who, according to reports, requires supervision herself rather than supervising others.

Ms. Biira Daphine, who took her children for medical treatment at the facility, expressed her frustration, having encountered its closure several times. She called for a lasting solution to this dangerous challenge.

Mr. Stephen Kyomya, the local council chairperson of the area, revealed that they had previously raised the issue with subcounty leadership but received no satisfactory response until Mr. Mubingwa’s visit during his monitoring tour of neighboring villages.

Mr. Mubingwa, in response, warned civil servants to either resign or fulfill their duties responsibly. He cautioned against seeking undeserved public sympathy to shield their unprofessional conduct.

Ms. Centenary, the facility’s head, has not yet commented on the matter as her known cellphone remains unavailable.

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