Kampala Police Headquarters Experience Two-Week Water Shortage

Monday, June 5, 2023

The Kampala Police headquarters have been without water for the past two weeks. This means that several officers and administrative staff have to go without basic necessities such as flushing toilets or being able to wash up after meals.

  • According to insider sources, Kampala’s Central Police Station, which houses more than 200 police officers, has been without water for two weeks. The National Water and Sewerage Corporation has reportedly cut off the station’s water supply owing to unpaid bills. As a result, officers at the station have been forced to find alternate ways of easing themselves.
  • Some officers who can afford to do so have resorted to paying to use the toilets of nearby buildings. The situation is even more dire for suspects being held in cells at the Central Police Station. Despite attempts to contact the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, and his deputy, Luke Owoyesigyire, for comment, they were unavailable as their known phone numbers were unreachable.
  • The water shortage at the Central Police Station mirrors a similar ordeal faced by the two largest police barracks in Nsambya and Naguru, where water supply was disrupted for over a month due to unpaid bills. Recently, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation had threatened to cut off water supply to various government institutions across the country.

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