Tech Giant SLB Partners with Ugandan Communities for Water Access and Stewardship

Monday, April 15, 2024
A woman pumps water from a borehole in Uganda. PHOTO/FILE
Busiinge Aggrey
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  • SLB, a global tech company, partners with Ugandan communities to improve water access, focusing on repairing boreholes, installing new ones, and promoting water stewardship. This aligns with SDG 6 for clean water and sanitation, aiming for long-term benefits.

BULIISA, (Examiner) – In many communities facing limited access to clean water, reliance on unsafe sources poses a grave risk of waterborne diseases.

SLB, a prominent global technology company operating in Uganda, has launched a significant initiative to address this pressing issue. Collaborating with local authorities and community members, SLB has initiated a water stewardship project targeting eight villages within the Buliisa District.

Buliisa District, home to over 120,000 individuals, experiences stark disparities in clean water accessibility. While certain areas boast a 95% access rate, others suffer from critical shortages, with rates plummeting as low as 19%. Residents, particularly women and children, often endure arduous journeys to fetch water.

The core focus of SLB’s project revolves around two main objectives: repairing existing boreholes and constructing new ones in strategically vital locations. These efforts aim to significantly enhance water accessibility for residents. Furthermore, the project incorporates investments in straightforward and sustainable water purification technologies to ensure the safety of the water supply.

The sustainability of this endeavor heavily relies on collaborative efforts. SLB actively engages with community stakeholders to implement innovative monitoring and maintenance systems. These initiatives, coupled with educational programs promoting water conservation and hygiene practices, empower residents to assume responsibility for their water resources.

Beyond infrastructure development, SLB is establishing water and sanitation committees alongside self-help groups to foster a culture of stewardship within the community. By empowering residents to effectively manage their water resources, the project strives to secure long-term access to safe and clean water for all.

This initiative strongly aligns with SLB’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation. Through joint efforts, SLB and the Buliisa community are paving the way for a brighter, healthier future for forthcoming generations.

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