1 Student Killed in Manafwa Fatal Road Crash, 118 injured

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Manafwa | The Black Examiner  – Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding a tragic road collision that occurred on Tuesday night along the Manafwa-Mbale road, resulting in the death of a 16-year-old boy and leaving over 100 injured.

Mr. Michael Kananura, the spokesperson for the traffic police, has provided details on the incident. The crash involved a Tata lorry owned by Bukusu Corporative Enterprise Limited, which was being utilized to transport students from Nakhupa Primary School.

Preliminary findings suggest that the driver of the Tata Lorry, identified as Godmas Mamai, was ferrying students from Nakhupa Primary School. While reportedly traveling at excessive speed, the vehicle lost control at a section known as Kufu along the Manafwa-Mbale Road, subsequently overturning. Mr. Kananura delivered this information on Wednesday.

Tragically, this incident led to the immediate loss of the life of 16-year-old male pupil, Thomas Naminayi, while a total of 117 other individuals sustained varying degrees of injuries, as reported by Mr. Kananura.

Mr. Kananura has elaborated that the injured students are presently under medical care at the Mbale Regional Referral Hospital. Additionally, the deceased’s body has been transported to the same hospital to undergo a postmortem examination.

The authorities have noted that the driver of the vehicle, Godmas Mamai, remains at large. Meanwhile, the wreckage of the lorry has been transported to the Manafwa Police Station for meticulous inspection.

Mr. Kananura has taken the opportunity to emphasize the crucial lesson arising from such unfortunate incidents. He stated, “It is essential to recognize that trucks are not designed to transport passengers. These incidents underscore the significance of adhering to safety regulations and guidelines.”

In a recent update, statistics revealed a distressing pattern. In the previous week, a total of 405 accidents were registered, resulting in 99 fatalities arising from 79 severe road collisions. In response, the police have implemented new directives. Henceforth, drivers found in violation of regulations will face arrest and subsequent legal proceedings, as opposed to the issuance of express penalty tickets.


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