7-Candidates Nominated for NRM Party Primaries Ahead of Hoima District LCV Chairperson By-Election

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

In preparation for the highly anticipated Hoima district Local Council V (LCV) Chairperson by-election, the National Resistance Movement Online (@NRMOnline) party has officially nominated seven candidates to contest in the party primaries.

The selected candidates, vying for the crucial leadership position, are Jackson Mugenyi Mulindambura, John Kwemara, Uthuman Mugisa Mubarak, Savana Vincent Muhumuza, Yunusi Mugabe, and Samuel Kyakadongo.

The by-election has garnered significant attention, with political enthusiasts closely observing the nominations and eagerly awaiting the party’s primary elections to determine the official NRM candidate for the LCV Chairperson seat.

As the campaigns intensify and the candidates showcase their visions and policies, the electorate in Hoima district will have an opportunity to scrutinize each nominee’s credentials and promises for the region’s progress.

With the party primaries drawing near, all eyes are on the NRM leadership and the electoral commission to ensure a transparent and fair process for the candidates, thereby allowing the people of Hoima district to make an informed choice in the upcoming by-election.

Stay tuned as we provide comprehensive coverage of the NRM party primaries and the unfolding events in the lead-up to the Hoima district LCV Chairperson by-election.

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