Al-Shabaab Releases New Video of Captured UPDF Soldiers Seeking Help

Sunday, September 10, 2023
A new Al Shabaab video claims Sgt William Muhendo, 48, is still in the terrorist group's hands
Busiinge Aggrey
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Al-Shabaab still holds several Ugandan soldiers who were captured during a deadly attack on the African Union military base in Buulo Mareer, Lower Shabelle, Somalia on May 26, 2023. During the attack, Al-Shabaab deployed over 800 fighters to overrun the Forward Operating Base manned by the UPDF.

Recently, the terrorist group released a video featuring one of the captured UPDF soldiers, Sgt William Muhendo, aged 48. In the video, Muhendo confirmed that several soldiers like him were still alive and in the custody of Al-Shabaab. However, it remains unclear whether the video was recorded recently or shortly after the soldiers were captured. The video also doesn’t provide information on the total number of prisoners of war held by the terrorist group.

Ugandan officials have been cautious in their response to this development, refraining from giving the “propaganda video” unnecessary attention. An anonymous government source expressed concerns that the video could be an attempt to pressure the Ugandan government into making concessions to Al-Shabaab, possibly including withdrawing from Somalia.

In the video, Sgt. Muhendo identifies himself as a Ugandan citizen and provides details about his family and military service. He joined the army in 1997 and mentioned that they were deployed to Buulo Mareer on April 9, 2023, by ATMIS before the attack occurred. Muhendo recounted the events of the attack, including the takeover of the Forward Operating Base by Al-Shabaab, resulting in the capture of soldiers and the loss of weapons and ammunition.

Muhendo appealed to the Parliament of Uganda and President Museveni to find a solution to their situation with the hope of reuniting the prisoners of war with their families.

In May, President Museveni announced that UPDF had recovered the bodies of 54 Ugandan soldiers killed in the May 26 attack. He praised the resilience of the remaining soldiers who managed to recapture the base. The attack had deeply affected the nation, with videos and photos of UPDF soldiers being killed by Al-Shabaab during the assault causing outrage. President Museveni attributed the attack to internal weaknesses within UPDF, including issues such as the cowardice of some commanders and widespread corruption.

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