Bishop Urges Christians to Embrace Purposeful Living

Thursday, August 24, 2023
The Right Reverend Gaddie Akanjuna, Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi. PHOTO/ENOCK NDYAMUHAKI
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Kabale District | The Black Examiner – The Right Reverend Gaddie Akanjuna, Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, delivered a compelling message today, urging Christians to adopt a purposeful life to secure everlasting salvation.

Bishop Akanjuna’s call resonated as he confirmed 44 individuals into the Anglican faith during a service at St Mark’s Nyakyijumba COU Parish, located in the heart of All Saints Archdeaconry within Central Division, Kabale Municipality, Kabale District.

Drawing inspiration from the Gospel according to Mark 8:22, Bishop Akanjuna highlighted the necessity of purpose-driven existence. He lamented that many Christians have veered off their intended paths, leading them astray and into a life of sin. Stressing the importance of aligning one’s life with a clear purpose, the bishop emphasized the significance of harmonizing with Christ.

Furthermore, Bishop Akanjuna advised believers to center their efforts on activities that bring them closer to God, contrasting this with a life filled with misery and emptiness that could potentially shorten one’s spiritual journey. He emphasized God’s boundless mercy, faithfulness, and enduring love for humanity, provided individuals place their unwavering trust in Him.

To the Confirmants, Bishop Akanjuna issued a call for repentance, encouraging them to renounce the works of the devil and all forms of malevolent influence. His counsel included guidance to engage in fervent prayer, actively support the church and its leaders, immerse themselves in Scripture, participate in fellowship with fellow Christians, offer aid to the less fortunate, quench the thirst of those in need, and extend care to the ailing.

Moreover, Bishop Akanjuna charged the Confirmants to seize this pivotal moment as a cornerstone for transformation from an unvirtuous life to one rooted in godliness. He underscored the everlasting blessings bestowed by the Holy Spirit, prompting them to embrace the transformative power of Jesus Christ. He reminded them of the commitment they made to God, urging them to uphold their vows for spiritual guidance.

Joining Bishop Akanjuna were his esteemed wife, Mama Charity Akanjuna, Bishop Emeritus William Rukirande, Ven Namanya Emanuel Bwagye, Archdeacon of All Saints Archdeaconry, and the dedicated clergy of All Saints Archdeaconry. Notable attendees included Peter Nkurunungi Geses, Synod Member from Nyakyijumba, and Dr. Paddy Mwesigye, Synod Member from Kabanyonyi.”


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