Bus Operators’ Strike Ends Ahead of Gov’t Meeting

Friday, August 25, 2023

The planned strike by bus operators, prompted by their dissatisfaction with the park user fees imposed by the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), has been called off in anticipation of a scheduled meeting with the Central Government. This meeting is set to take place on Friday and aims to address the ongoing concerns of the bus operators.

The strike had led to a two-day halt in bus services as the KCCA decided to close down the bus terminals due to pending payment of dues. The operators, who were voicing their grievances, particularly took issue with the substantial amount of 2.4 million shillings that they were being asked to pay as park user fees. They argued that this amount was excessively high and further contested KCCA’s ownership claims over the bus terminals themselves.

In response to the mounting tensions, the bus owners have chosen to temporarily suspend their industrial action and resume normal operations. This decision comes in anticipation of the meeting with the Central Government, which holds the promise of addressing the concerns raised by the bus operators. The aim of the meeting is to find a resolution that is mutually agreeable, ensuring a more sustainable and equitable arrangement for both the operators and the Kampala Capital City Authority.

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