Catechist in Kanungu Accused of Stealing Church Offertory

Monday, September 11, 2023
St Joseph Nyamirama Archdeaconry. PHOTO/FILE
Busiinge Aggrey
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Kanungu District | The Black Examiner – A catechist is currently evading authorities after committing a theft involving two envelopes containing one million shillings each, stolen from a church.

The catechist in question has been identified as Wakubariho Julius, affiliated with the Kyenjojo Church of Uganda in Nyamirama Archdeaconry, within the Kinkizi Diocese.

Reports suggest that this accused catechist was invited by his fellow catechist, Arineitwe Henry, from St. Joseph Nyamirama Archdeaconry, to serve as his best man during an enthronement ceremony.

During the ceremony’s thanksgiving session, Henry entrusted Julius with the task of holding a collection basket and receiving offertories. This trust was extended because Julius had been a loyal friend and fellow servant for several days.

However, during this time, Julius noticed two envelopes among the offerings. One envelope was from James Kaberuka, the Kinkizi West legislator, and the other contained contributions from Christian congregants, each amounting to 500,000 shillings. Julius covertly pocketed both envelopes while retaining the appearance of assisting with the collection.

A vigilant woman attending the service soon grew suspicious of Julius’s actions, as she noticed the envelopes disappearing into his jacket.

After Julius handed over the collection basket to the priest for prayers, he hastily excused himself and headed for the restroom. Inside, he emptied the envelopes of their contents and disposed of the empty envelopes in the toilet. However, his actions did not go unnoticed, as the same observant woman followed him, witnessing the removal of money from the envelopes.

Alarmed by this revelation, the woman informed other churchgoers about the incident. Realizing that he had been caught, Julius fled with the stolen money. In response, concerned members of the congregation broke open the toilet to confirm the allegations, only to find them true.

Arineitwe Henry, the Nyimirama Archdeaconry Catechist, confirmed the incident and expressed their intention to consider addressing the matter either within the church or through legal channels, possibly involving the diocese in finding a resolution.

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