Construction of Bunyoro-Tooro Muslim Regional Headquarters Seeks Muslim Backing

Thursday, July 20, 2023
Plan of the ongoing Construction of Bunyoro-Tooro Muslim Headquarters in Hoima City. PHOTO/ISMA TUKAMUHABWA
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Kakumiro, Uganda – The Bunyoro-Tooro Muslim Regional Secretary for Physical Planning and Engineering, MR. Yunusu Mugabe delivered a progress report on the ongoing construction of the Regional Headquarters Building in Hoima. In an impassioned address, the Regional Assistant to the Mufti called on all Muslims to contribute generously through Lillah donations, to ensure the timely completion of this vital project.

During the meeting held on July 20th, the Regional Secretary highlighted the significance of the Regional Headquarters as a symbol of unity and strength for the Muslim community in the region. He emphasized the need for every Muslim to contribute whatever they can afford towards this noble endeavor.

“Let us build our rewards and not rely on foreign assistance,” he urged the gathering of Muslim leaders from Kakumiro Muslim District. “Our collective efforts will lead us to paradise, and paradise is not a void that we leave unfilled. As Ugandans, we aspire to shape our destiny by securing the resources ourselves.”

The Regional Assistant has also encouraged individuals and businesses to come forward and contribute towards the completion of the Regional Headquarters Building.

The new headquarters will serve as a hub for the Bunyoro-Tooro Muslim community, providing essential services and facilities for religious activities and community development initiatives. Upon completion, it is expected to foster a sense of belonging and strengthen the ties between the region’s Muslim population.

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