Deputy Speaker Tayebwa Hails Saccos in the fight against poverty

Friday, September 22, 2023

Mitooma District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The Deputy Speaker of Parliament and Area MP, Ruhinda North Constituency, Thomas Tayebwa has today officiated at the opening of Ruhinda North Women Farmers Sacco branch in Kiyanga Sub-county, Ruhinda North, Mitooma District.

Speaking at the function, Tayebwa described Saccos as the engine of growth and encouraged the people to embrace a saving culture in the fight against poverty.

The Deputy Speaker also pledged his continued support to the people of Ruhinda North, and asked leaders at all levels to guide people on enterprise selection and saving culture in order to speed up development.

In order to improve the economic welfare of the 39% of Ugandans outside the money economy, the Deputy Speaker reiterated that as leaders there is a need to encourage people to form Saccos and embrace the culture of hard work, saving and accountability.


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