Drop in Number of Pupils Sitting Mock Irks Bushenyi Municipal Authorities

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Leaders in Bushenyi Ishaka municipality have expressed concern over the increasing cases of school pupils failing to sit for mock exams.

During the meeting of head teachers within the municipality to release mock results for 2023 held at Bushenyi town school today, the mayor Bushenyi Ishaka municipality Richard Byaruhanga said, it’s a tradition that Bushenyi Ishaka municipality in the last five years is always the best but there is also a need to look at the cases of pupils failing to do the exams and know why.

Seleverio Mukobi Byarufu, the Bushenyi Ishaka municipality town clerk said, schools should involve LC1 chairpersons to know where these dropouts are. He said the current trend nationwide is that 44% of learners can’t be traced at the end of S.4 saying it starts with primary seven.

Isaac Katondore the head teacher Bweranyangi said, according to the performance by pupils in mock it is a clear indicator that there will be a remarkable performance at the end of the year.

This year there is an increase in number of pupils who sat for mock exams 1623 compared to 1547 that sat last year.

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