EXPOSED: Centenary Bank Exposes Employee Responsible for Stealing Millions from Customers

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Centenary Bank has addressed the recent viral incident that circulated on social media. The video featured a distraught customer who had a substantial sum of money withdrawn from her account without her consent while she was at the bank. The person who recorded the incident posted the video online, causing it to quickly gain widespread attention and raising concerns about the safety of customers’ funds.

Similar incidents have occurred with Equity Bank, but unfortunately, Equity has not taken concrete actions in response. They typically release statements asserting that they are not accountable and emphasize the importance of customers safeguarding their PIN codes.

In contrast, Centenary Bank responded swiftly to the significant case involving the distraught customer. They issued a statement announcing the initiation of an investigation to get to the bottom of the matter.

Subsequently, Centenary Bank has updated its customers, revealing that the investigation has concluded. They disclosed that one of their employees was the perpetrator behind the unauthorized withdrawals. According to the official statement, this employee facilitated the fraudster’s access to the customer’s PIN code, enabling the illicit money withdrawals.

Centenary Bank has assured that they are taking appropriate action against the implicated employee, and they have urged the police to handle the fraudster responsible for the unauthorized transactions.

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