Germany Advises Against Nuclear Power in Uganda

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Kampala, Uganda | THE BLACK EXAMINER | The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Matthias Schauer, has advised against plans by Uganda to invest in nuclear power plants.

Ambassador Schauer joins a number of local and international experts who have advised Uganda against plans to put up 2000-megawatt nuclear.

Schauer, whose country continues to support Uganda’s clean energy projects and policies said nuclear power generation is not only costly but environmentally sensitive.

He was speaking at the launch of the Energy Policy for Uganda 2023 at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala.

He said the plans to put nuclear power plants seem not to fit in the goals of the new policy.

According to the ambassador, Uganda is envied by industrial nations including Germany for its abundant hydropower and huge potential for solar power.

Germany stopped producing any electricity from its nuclear power plant in April this year.

He said Germany shut down its nuclear power plants for fear of disasters like the Chornobyl disaster in 1986 and the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster.

The Energy Ministry Permanent Secretary m, Irene Bateebe last year indicated that Uganda needs nine billion dollars to put up a nuclear power plant.

But the Ambassador says putting up a nuclear power plant costs between 15-20 billion dollars.

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