Guild Leaders from Various Varsities Empowered by Nyerere Leadership Centre

Participants posing for a picture with their facilitators after the training at Protea Hotel. PHOTO/ISIMAH TUKAMUHABWA

Kampala, Uganda | The Black Examiner – Makerere University’s Julius Nyerere Leadership Centre has successfully equipped a total of 90 guild leaders from various universities with enhanced leadership skills.

The center, initiated under the auspices of the presidency and supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has a primary goal of empowering these guild leaders with improved leadership capabilities.

Dr. Nansozi Muwanga, the Executive Director of the center, noted that the trainees underwent comprehensive training in key areas such as leadership ethics, financial literacy, mental health, integrity, and overall well-being.


Diverse facilitators engaged with the participants, covering a range of pertinent subjects and also fostering valuable networking opportunities.

Dr. Muwanga emphasized the cultivation of selfless leadership values, underscoring that leaders should prioritize the welfare of the people they serve over personal interests. This sentiment was echoed at the closing event for the latest cohort of guild leaders in Kampala, where she spoke.

Dr. Herbert Rwakiseta, an educator specializing in mindfulness and conscious leadership at the center, highlighted the impact of providing information to guild leaders, enabling them to perform at their best.

Reflecting on Julius Nyerere’s legacy as a Pan-Africanist and his dedication to united Africa, Dr. Rwakiseta emphasized the importance of character development as the cornerstone for standing up for one’s convictions.

Dr. Rwakiseta elaborated that Julius Nyerere’s unwavering determination despite opposition exemplifies the resilience they seek to instill in current and future leaders. He further emphasized that leaders must ardently address community issues until they are resolved.

Gloria Jombwe, a financial educationist at the center, pinpointed selfishness as a root cause of poor leadership.

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Jombwe emphasized that leadership should transcend financial considerations, advocating for the transformation of university leaders into servant leaders. This transformation, she believes, should focus on service rather than monetary gains, ultimately making leaders more resourceful in benefitting others.


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