Hailstorm Leaves Trails of Destruction in Kakumiro

Monday, September 11, 2023

Kakumiro (UG) | The Black Examiner – More than 100 farmers in Kikoora parish, Kakumiro district are counting losses after a hailstorm destroyed their gardens.

The most affected is Usinje village in Kikoora parish. The farmers have lost maize, tobacco, cassava, sweet potatoes, beans, rice, and banana plantations that were destroyed by the heavy downpour coupled with a hailstorm that lasted for over two hours on Monday evening.

The farmers say the magnitude of the destruction is likely to trigger famine since all their garden crops have been destroyed.

Owimana Specioza is one of the affected residents. Owimana who is a mother of seven has no where to sleep with his children after the heavy rains blew off the roof of her house.

They have called on the office of the prime minister to provide them with relief food since they are likely to starve.

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