Hoima Woman Arrested for Burning Stepson

Friday, September 22, 2023

Hoima City | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Hoima City police are currently detaining Mildred Alituha, a woman accused of severely harming her 6-year-old stepson, identified as Elvis Wembabazi. Alituha, who resides in Itara cell within Hoima West City Division, is alleged to have bound small pieces of timber around the child’s arms before setting them on fire. Following this horrifying act, she locked the child in a garage for several days until local residents intervened and rescued him.

This disturbing incident is reported to have occurred after Alituha, brought home by her husband Ian Byabasaija, a driver employed by Bwendero Dairy Farm Limited to assist with household chores, allegedly punished the boy for neglecting his responsibilities towards her own children.

Maureen Ngazi, the boy’s grandmother, received a distressing phone call from a concerned neighbor regarding the child’s deteriorating health. Subsequently, they reported the case as one of aggravated torture to the Kyabaliyanga police post, which referred them to the Kasingo police post. Regrettably, the suspect was briefly detained but managed to secure her release through bribery.

Wembabazi accuses his stepmother of subjecting him to such cruelty as punishment for not adequately caring for his younger siblings.

Hilda Musiimenta, the boy’s biological mother, recounts how her ex-husband, Ian Byabasaija, took their son away when he turned five years old. Musimenta reveals that Byabasaija has since failed to provide support for their child, citing issues with his salary from his employers.

Julius Allan Hakiza, the spokesperson for the Albertine region police, has confirmed Alituha’s arrest and announced that she will face charges of aggravated torture in court tomorrow.

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