Increased Insecurity in Ishaka Division is Irking Residents

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Due to increasing insecurity in Ishaka division, all Bars and shops have been directed to close at 11pm or owners face arrest in Katakondwa trading centre Ryansana 1, Kashenyi ward, Ishaka in Bushenyi district.

This resolution comes in days when theft cases have become rampant in the area and residents spend sleepless nights due to thieves that break into their shops mostly at night.

In a meeting held by the business community, residents and business people resolved that all bars should close at 11pm, all tenants and netizens present their national IDs among other documents.

Chairman LCI Ryansana 1 cell, Charles Beinomugisha said they are tired of thieves who break into their businesses every day thus vowing to arrest all people who open bars beyond 11pm saying that bars and drug abuse are the leading cause of criminality in the area.

Boaz Katsigaire, chairman Defence Ryansana 1 says they have decided to work together as residents, leaders and business community to bring peace to their area. He wants all bar owners to adhere to the rules and regulations so that criminality is curbed in the area.

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