Jaguar Bus Overturns, Killing 3 Passengers on the Spot

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Ssembabule District | The Black Examiner – Reports indicate that the aforementioned motor vehicle lost control at Kajumiro Maddu-Ssembabule, resulting in a fatal overturn that claimed the lives of 3 passengers, including the driver identified as Asiimwe David. Additionally, 8 other passengers who were on the same bus sustained injuries.

The injured victims were promptly taken to Maddu Health Centre III for medical treatment, while the deceased bodies were taken to Gomba Hospital for postmortem examinations. The vehicle involved in the accident was towed to Kanoni Police Station for further inspection.

At this time, the exact cause of the accident remains unknown, prompting the commencement of thorough investigations to uncover the likely factors contributing to this incident.


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