Kasese District Residents Unite for Cleanup Ahead of International Marathon

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Kasese District | The Black Examiner – As part of the community’s Biodiversity week and in anticipation of the Tusker Lite International Marathon and Rwenzori Theluji Festival, hundreds of individuals in Kasese District actively participated in a cleanup campaign within Kasese Municipality.

The cleanup initiative encompassed the collection of litter and thorough sweeping of Kasese town, aimed at upholding health, sanitation, and raising awareness among locals about their vital role in maintaining the cleanliness of Kasese town in preparation for the international marathon scheduled for September 2, 2023.

Commending the participants for their devotion to Kasese District and its environmental well-being, Ms. Edith Muhindo, the Chairperson of the Women’s League of the Rwenzori Theluji Festival, noted that over two thousand six hundred runners have already registered for the international marathon.

The environmental conservation cause also saw Sr. Sarah Muhindo, the founder of Kasese’s finest radio station, Kasese Guide Radio, along with Sr. Sylvia Biira and Sr. Scovia Naziwa from St. Peter’s Banyathereza Sisters, participating in the cleanup efforts as a demonstration of their commitment to promoting environmental preservation and care.

Mr. Gedion Muhindo, the Guild President of Rwenzori College of Commerce, and other participants regarded the cleanup exercise as aptly timed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of Kasese town.

Mr. Safari Martin, the Chairperson of Local Council Three for Central Division, emphasized the need for collaborative efforts as the marathon draws near. Stay tuned for more updates in our upcoming news bulletins.


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