Kikuube Parish Chiefs Under Investigation for PDM Irregularities

Tuesday, October 10, 2023
Amlan Tumusiime, the Kikuube Resident district commisioner while speaking to our reporter. (Photo by Ambrose Niwagaba Katoto)
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Kikuube District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | In Kikuube District, a security investigation will commence this Wednesday into allegations against parish chiefs. They are accused of mishandling funds from the Parish Development Model (PDM) program and extorting money from its beneficiaries.

Kikuube Resident District Commissioner Amlan Tumusiime disclosed this information on Monday. PDM is a multi-sectoral initiative aimed at achieving socio-economic transformation by transitioning 39% of households from subsistence to the money economy, with the parish as the focal point for development.

Tumusiime received complaints from beneficiaries who received less money than the one million shillings directed by President Yoweri Museveni. Furthermore, some parish chiefs were allegedly removing beneficiaries’ names from the approved list, potentially pocketing the funds.

Amlan expressed his concern about such scandals tarnishing the government’s reputation, calling it unacceptable. He stated, “I’m told that some parish chiefs send lists of beneficiaries for approval and later delete names so that they pocket the money; we are not going to tolerate those who undermine the program.”

The PDM program, inaugurated by President Museveni in Kibuku District on February 26, 2022, operates under seven pillars: Production, storage, processing, and marketing; infrastructure and economic services; financial inclusion; social services; mindset change; parish-based management information system; and governance and administration.

Since its launch, the program has faced numerous reports of fraud, leading to the arrest of several officials in various districts.

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