Kisoro Court Sentences Two to 6 Years for Illegal Firearm Possession

Friday, September 15, 2023

Kisoro District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | Two individuals, A1 Uwiragiye Silvan (32) and A2 Gashendure Bizi Sadik (29), both found guilty of illegal firearm possession, have been sentenced to 6 years in prison by the Kisoro district court.

These convicted individuals, Silvan from Gatete Village in Nyakinama Sub County and Sadik, a Congolese M23 soldier residing in Bunagana, Democratic Republic of Congo, appeared in Kisoro district Court today, where they pleaded guilty to the charges.

Their arrests took place on August 12, 2023, around 8:00 PM, following an intelligence tip-off reported by Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police spokesperson.

Sadiki Gashendure was apprehended while crossing the Bunyangaro Nyabwishenya Kisoro border from the DRC with firearms, including two hand grenades. During interrogation, he revealed the whereabouts of an SMG rifle, which was in the possession of Silvan Uwiragiye.

Uwiragiye was subsequently arrested, and both individuals led authorities to recover the SMG rifle (Serial number: 56×20019268) and 64 rounds of live ammunition, hidden in a banana plantation near Uwiragiye’s home in Gatete.

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