Masaka Security Committee Working on Extradition of Tanzanian Criminal Gang

Tuesday, August 29, 2023
Twaha Kasirye, the Spokesperson for the Greater Masaka Regional Police. PHOTO/FILE
Busiinge Aggrey
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Masaka District | The Black Examiner – The Joint Security Committee of the Greater Masaka Sub-Region is currently engaged in efforts to secure the extradition of a suspected leader of a criminal gang operating from Tanzania.

The individual, known only by the alias Katongole, is alleged to be the head of a notorious gang that has been systematically targeting business figures within the districts of Kyotera and Rakai.

A collaborative security committee, convened at the Uganda-Tanzania border within Mutukula town council, is actively working to establish cooperation with their Tanzanian counterparts. Their goal is to arrest Katongole and facilitate his extradition.

In recent times, a series of incidents involving masked gunmen have rocked the area. These criminals have been targeting various establishments including wholesale shops, banks, and mobile money agent outlets located in Kyotera and Kalisiizo town councils.

The assailants tend to strike during the late hours of the evening, employing violence to seize assets from business owners. One of the most recent cases involved an attack on John Ddamulira, a prominent figure within Kalisiizo town council. He was ambushed, shot, and robbed of a sum totaling 93 million Ugandan Shillings shortly after making a withdrawal from a bank.

Another incident, occurring just a week prior, saw the robbery of 200 million Ugandan Shillings from a local banking agent based in Kalisiizo Park Yard.

Reliable security sources have indicated the strong likelihood that Katongole is the mastermind behind this criminal syndicate, responsible for targeting well-known business figures. In the local communities of Kyotera and Rakai, he is recognized as Katongole, and he is known to operate businesses across the border.

In Tanzania, he assumes false identities and presents himself as a law-abiding resident, concealing his true nature as a criminal within Uganda.

Twaha Kasirye, the Spokesperson for the Greater Masaka Regional Police, has confirmed to The Black Examiner that their crime intelligence units have been meticulously scrutinizing the string of robberies. Valuable leads have been gathered from both victims and witnesses, indicating significant progress in the investigation.


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