Nakasongola Pastor Dies While Performing Miracles in Shocking Incident

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Nakasongola District | THE BLACK EXAMINER | A Pentecostal preacher from Wanjuki village, Lwabyata subcounty in Nakasongola, met a sudden and tragic end while performing miraculous acts, prompting a police investigation in the district.

The incident unfolded on a Tuesday evening around 9 p.m., claiming the life of Pastor Daniel Naheirwe, a 40-year-old of Rwandese descent.

According to preliminary reports by the local authorities, on October 24, Pastor Daniel visited the residence of Jesca Kyohairwe in Wanjuki Village to offer prayers and rid the place of alleged witchcraft.

During his visit, he conducted spiritual rituals to dispel what locals referred to as “Mayembe” witchcraft in the area, a part of his purported miracles. Tragically, while using fire to burn certain herbs and the supposed witchcraft, he passed away instantly.

Sam Twineamazima, the regional police spokesperson, noted that the late pastor had come to Nakasongola with claims of possessing supernatural abilities to cleanse homes of negative energies, a service he had been providing for some time.

Despite having gained the trust of the villagers to pray for them, his life came to an unexpected end while engaged in what he professed as miracle work.

Upon discovering the pastor’s lifeless body, local residents promptly notified the police, who arrived promptly at the scene. A sudden death case was reported, and the area was thoroughly examined and documented.

The deceased’s body was subsequently transported to Nakasongola Health Center IV for a postmortem examination, while police commenced the search for his family members.

Additional Source: The New Light Paper

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